In a lengthy, detailed post on its Microsoft Azure blog on

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Canada Goose Jackets The Microsoft Azure service interruption on Nov. 18 resulted in intermittent connectivity issues with the Azure Storage service in multiple regions.In a lengthy, detailed post on its Microsoft Azure blog on Wednesday, corporate vice president, Microsoft Azure, Jason Zander said that the issue arose after Microsoft deployed a software change to improve Azure Storage performance by reducing CPU footprint of the Azure Storage Table Front Ends.During Canada Goose Sale deployment, there were two operational errors, Zander said."The standard flighting deployment policy of incrementally deploying changes across small slices was not followed," he said. Secondly, "although validation in test and pre production had been done against Azure Table storage Front Ends, the configuration switch was incorrectly enabled for Azure Blob storage Front Ends," which exposed a bug that resulted in Blob storage Front Ends entering an infinite loop.Microsoft's final Root Cause Analysis for the event determined that "there was a gap in the deployment tooling that relied on human decisions and protocol.""With the tooling updates the policy is now enforced by the deployment platform itself," he said.Aside from technical failure, Canada Goose Outlet Microsoft said that it failed to in communicating with affected clients during the incident Canada Goose Jackets.

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