” Me, “All of my sexual partners have been women and we used

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Replica Handbags So yeah, nothing Fake Designer Bags about this sounds like a planned purere plica bag parenthood.This definitely happened though, just not in a planned parenthood. ;)Last time I went to Planned Parenthood they asked "What form of birth control do you use?" I checked the box for "Other" and wrote in "Lesbian" and they asked "How many sexual partners have you had in the last year?" and "When was your last period?" On the period question I wrote in "4 months, normally irregular due to PCOS" and the nurse said, "So you might be pregnant?" I said, "No, there is zero chance I am pregnant because I only have sex with women." Her, "But you have had a lot of sexual partners, one of them could have gotten you pregnant." Me, "But they were all women." Her, "But you had a lot of sexual partners." Me, "All of my sexual partners have been women and we used protection. Also I on birth control for Replica Bags PCOS so even if one of those women suddenly produced sperm and it suddenly teleported into my uterus, I on the pill." Her, "I think you should get a pregnancy test." Me, I refuse to get a pregnancy test. Replica Handbags

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