The business person’s mind set creates these ‘default’ folders

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Fake Handbags You may have big plans for the night, like joining your friends to go listen to a motivational speaker speak at a local college. After the speech, there will be a reception with coffee and doughnuts. Do yourself a favor, and skip the contest. How many of you have this problem: In accordance with my PC's OS (currently Windows Fake Designer Bags 7) my drive has default folders named 'My Pictures', 'My Music', 'My Videos', etc. The business person's mind set creates these 'default' folders for the 'users' to store the music, pictures, or videos they buy their possessions, not their creations. I have to create my own 'leaves' on the 'My documents' directory tree named 'Just My Pictures', 'Just My Music', etc. Fake Handbags

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